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DON DAWELL , pseudonym for Sander Behr, is a Dutch music producer and discjockey.

Sander Behr

Sander Behr grew up in Oosterbeek. A beautiful
village which is famous for the Battle of Arnhem. The first few years of his life were a real struggle for himself as well for his parents until he was diagnosed as a boy with autistic features. With the help of his network of family, friends and therapists he developed into an independent young man with a good job, a normal social environment and a great interest in producing music.
Through the years Sander has done a lot of self-tuition in the field of the production of music and amongst others he has been active as a mixing and mastering engineer at Dawell Studios.
After having produced a fair number of well sold records for which he acted as a “Ghost Producer” he considers himself a full and professional producer/artist
The name Don Dawell was made up by Sander Behr and has no further meaning.


During his carreer as a producer Don Dawell has been working with a number of well-known artists. Quite a few artists highly appreciate Don Dawell for his knowledge and skill, which can of course be heard in his musical productions.

Don Dawell has had a number of performances in The Netherlands the last few years. He mainly performed as an allround DJ on festive days and special occasions.

Don Dawell is ready for the next step. From now (2020) on he will only do live performances with mostly music he produced himself.
The future Live performances will be experienced as euforic and danceable.